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Use our experience and expertise to develop medical software to meet your needs.

From the idea stage and its verification, through development, to the certification of the finished product.

What we offer

  • Custom startup software development – We are part of Future Processing Group which has won numerous awards and gained hard-earned software industry recognition. With a vast talent pool, we can successfully deliver diverse and demanding projects. We can assist you with the experience of our business analysts, UX designers and security specialists as well as clinicians, physicists and bioengineers.
  • Data annotation and preparation – We provide support for the full end-to-end data processing chain – from data acquisition, through its processing and analysis straight to the extraction of interesting and quantifiable bits of information from such data.
  • Machine learning models – Our experts in the field of machine learning and deep learning have more than 15 years of experience designing, implementing, verifying and validating medical image processing and big data. Thanks to the experience of our specialists we can help you design the most optimized data cohort and prepare it for further training and validations.
  • Proof of concept – We have developed a great deal of experience in the implementation of R&D projects. We can thoroughly verify your hypothesis, and then turn it into a concrete product ready for scaling.

Why us?

  • Experience in working with startup software development – We’ve worked with many start-ups and we understand what challenges that companies at this very stage have. We’ll work together with you and your team to manage them.
  • Medical compliance – We have vast experience in conducting projects compliant with ISO 13485 standards, FDA and CE regulations. Our knowledge of the ISO 14971 standard and the ability to create healthcare software systems that meet the IEC 62304 standard will ensure the attainment of the relevant certification you may require.
  • Coping with limited ground truth – Thanks to our broad scientific competence (numerous scientific publications and presentations at conferences such as RSNA, ECR, and MICCAI), we follow a rigorous evidence-based approach to build AI technologies for healthcare, even if work on limited ground truth is necessary.
  • On-time delivery – We are aware of the fact that the effects of work on a project will be demonstrated to investors. Therefore, specific parts of the project should be created in specific time frames. We always stick to these time frames.
  • Interdisciplinary team – We have physicists, ML and software engineering experts, QA experts, researchers, physicians and bioengineers on board. We work closely with clinicians and medical facilities worldwide. Our interdisciplinary team will help you to carry out your ideas and allow you to medically and technologically validate them at various stages of development.
  • Risk sharing – As a medical software partner we take responsibility for our technology. We conform to best practices for risk management and mitigating. We inform you at the beginning of the project how long it will take and when we will deliver the finished solution.

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