Algorithms development

Fuel and apply your ideas with our proven approach to machine learning and deep learning and to algorithms development.

We design and develop precise and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms tailored to our clients requirements.

We are able to create algorithms using deep learning and machine learning techniques.


machine learning algorithms development

Why us

  • Full pipeline for ML processing. We have built a complete pipeline for ML-based data processing, which allows us to produce tailored solutions for our partners more quickly and efficiently.
  • Performance. Our brain tumor algorithm was top ranked in the RSNA-ASNR-MICCAI BraTS 2021 challenge. Our liver tumor segmentation model is in the current top 10 best solutions on LiTS2017 Challenge Open Leaderboard. Learn more
  • Proven methodology. We use Crisp DM as our framework for machine learning elements of our solutions. We use agile delivery processes for traditional software elements, modified to deliver documentation required to support certification.
  • Image and vision computing. Although our primary area of interest is MRI/CT image analysis and processing, in our success stories we have projects based on other modalities as well as vision analysis. Learn more
  • Existing technologies. Thanks to our experience and internal R&D projects, you can take advantage of technologies we already have to get your project done quicker. Learn more
  • Ground-truth preparation. For projects involving medical imaging and machine learning algorithms, we have created a ground-truth preparation process. We have an annotating team on board and we can help you with cohort data optimization. Learn more
  • Pioneering thinking. 250+ scientific papers and presentations at conferences such as RSNA, ECR and MICCAI demonstrate that our team of scientists and engineers can work on even the most challenging medical imaging projects. Learn more
  • Multidisciplinary team. We have scientists, business analysts, bioengineers, annotators and software engineers on board. Learn more
  • Big data. We also have experience working on algorithms using big data based on patient records.

How do we work on algorithms development

  • Shape. We ensure that your needs are fully understood; we define how we will work together. We will also define the key elements of the solution and deliverables needed to support certification.
  • Create. We will usually consider several network types to establish algorithms. Initially, data will be used to train the algorithm. Then, additional data will be used to test and refine the algorithm.
  • Integrate and verify. Once the various elements of the solution have been made ready and tested in isolation, they are assembled and end-to-end verification takes place through formal trials.
  • Implement. After implementation, algorithms can still be tested and refined based on actual data. If needed, your algorithm can be refined in the future.

Algorithms development

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