Proof of concept

All projects start with an idea that needs a proof of concept.
We can help you illustrate that idea to potential users.


Are you looking for reliable software people that understand healthcare to help you verify the proposed hypothesis or idea as soon and as safely as possible?

We can help you start your medical product roadmap with Proof of Concept.

Why us

  • We are aware that the time costs money as well. We have already proven our ability to deliver results within a rapid turnaround time. Read about the PoC we delivered within 3 weeks. Learn more 

  • Our scientific and engineering team is ready to work even on a highly demanding thesis or hypothesis which is proved by over 250 scientific papers. Learn more

  • Having clinicians’ network and scientists on board we can test a particular concept both: technologically and medically. Learn more
  • Working on limited ground truth datamedical software development and Machine Learning knowledge enable us to verify your idea based on limited data and deliver reliable results. Learn more

  • We may prepare documentation with technical specifications and development timeframes if needed. You can also continue the prototype, MVP and development stages with us. Learn more

  • We have vast experience in creating proof of concepts – both internally and for our clients’ use. Learn more

Proof of Concept in medical software development

  • The basis of the action plan – creating a proof of concept (PoC) builds a foundation for your project’s roadmap and helps avoid future costly mistakes.
  • Demonstration version of the concept – PoC enables you to demonstrate the product concept to investors or potential users.
  • Assessment of the idea – you can assess the feasibility of your concept without running a full-budget project.
  • Market reaction – Proof of Concept is the very important first step to testing how the market will respond to your solution.
  • Faster product development – PoC is a great way to speed up the next stages of product development and risk assessment.
  • Better understanding – you can better understand the limitations and chances of the idea and create a better-informed go-to-market strategy.

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