Medical imaging solutions for Contract Research Organizations

Extracting value from medical images

At contract research organizations you support life and health sciences – we support you with the technological advancement in medical imaging analysis.

Medical imaging in clinical trials

AI-enabled precise volumetric measurement of patient response based on CT or MRI scans

Data visualization and 3D modelling services

Development of custom AI models

Radiomics and quantitative image analysis

which means: smaller sample sizes during early-phase assessment (significant savings and fewer challenges during patients’ enrollment). Learn more

methods of data presentation (especially patient-specific) can be of great importance for understanding, interpretation and future decision-making. Learn more

dedicated to automated and semi-automated segmentation and advanced analysis of lesions and organs based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography scans (CT). Learn more

that may help contract research organizations with advanced patient stratification and identification of patients who will respond best. Learn more

Automated RANO and RECIST

Fusion & co-registration

Patient-specific medical image processing

measurements according to the commonly used RECIST and RANO standards which save time of the doctor describing the examination and ensures repeatability and objectivity of results as well as more precise measurement and integration with the segmentation algorithm. Learn more

if necessary to make sure that the images are spatially aligned so that further quantitative analysis can be carried out.

which allows you to reach conclusions based on early assessment trials sooner and helps to avoid the costs of expensive clinical trials if unjustified (go / no-go decisions).

Our expertise in AI data extraction from medical images

We have gained experience working with the pharmaceutical and bioscience industry. We worked on projects that took advantage both of machine and deep learning as well as radiomics.

We can create proof-of-concept initiatives based even on scant ground truth data to give you a quick but reliable answer concerning the technological feasibility. Learn more

We can assist you with the preparation of ground truth for algorithm training and validation. Our process has been already implemented successfully for clinical trial purposes. Learn more

We are an experienced developer of medical software compliant with ISO 13485 requirements. We take responsibility for professional FDA and CE compliant documentation. Learn more

We have teams of medical annotators, engineers and scientists on-board who collaborate closely to offer the maximum value that can be derived from CT/MRI.

We have developed a full pipeline for ML-based data processing thanks to which we are able to prepare custom solutions for our partners faster and more efficiently without starting each project from scratch. Learn more

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