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Images to numbers. AI-enabled imaging analysis for response assessment in clinical trials.

We create software solutions that analyse medical images, using AI and state of the art technology to assess drug effectiveness and patient response.


What we offer

  • Data extraction and visualization that accelerate the go/no go decisions thanks to repeatable, objective, precise data.
  • Documentation compliant with ISO 13485, CE and FDA regulations. Learn more
  • Automated RECIST/RANO measurement and volumetric calculation of tumor and subregions (edema, necrosis).
  • Custom development of automated and semi-automated algorithms that analyze organs and lesions of your choice, according to your need.
  • Radiomic analysis of anatomical structures – the possibility of including additional data for analysis. Learn more
  • Ground-truth preparation as well as our own network of clinicians, scientists, and bioengineers.

Read how our solutions have been used to assess brain tumour treatment and progression. Learn more about our models for liver and liver tumours segmentation
(click on the pictures below).

Why us

  • Deep learning (AI) – we use deep learning techniques to build effective algorithms to medical imaging challenges, medical imaging analysis, medical image segmentation. Learn more
  • Proven capability – our researchers and software engineers in the field of machine learning and deep learning have experience designing, implementing, verifying and validating medical image processing solutions. Learn more
  • Certification – we are experienced in building solutions that are compliant with CE and FDA standards, and are certified to ISO 13485. We understand how important it is to meet the specific standards of performance for healthcare products and software. Learn more
  • Radiomics – we have experience in creating solutions for the radiomic analysis of anatomical structures, confirmed by the implementation of specific projects. Learn more
  • Scientific competences – our data scientists were top ranked in RSNA-ASNR-MICCAI 2021 Brain Tumor Segmentation (BraTS) Challenge. We will verify and develop your idea, as well as propose our own concepts. Learn more
  • Adaptable engagement – depending on your needs we can work autonomously, closely, or anywhere between. For any project we can deliver as much, or as little, of your solution as you need.  We will adapt the work model to your expectations.
  • Greater insight – we are able to measure not only the tumor, but the sub-regions (tumour, edema, necrosis, resectioned cavities). We are able to measure RANO automatically. Learn more
  • Accelerated development – through the use of: existing algorithms, experience of creating additional algorithms for client solutions, proven tools and techniques. We design advanced machine learning algorithms. Learn more
  • Comprehensiveness – we provide support for the full end-to-end data processing chain – from data acquisition, through its processing and analysis straight to the extraction of interesting and quantifiable bits of information from such data. Learn more

Learn more about our competences

Preoperative glioma project

One of the market leading healthcare companies needed a model to segment and analyze preoperative brain gliomas based on brain… Learn more


Postoperative glioma project

Our client – one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry – approached us with a need to create a model from scratch… Learn more


Cirrhosis project

A leading pharmaceutical company needed a model to automatically segment the liver and analyze it using radiomics based on CT scans. The premise of the project… Learn more

Liver tumor project

We carried out a project for one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The client had labeled CT scans of a liver… Learn more

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