How we work

Our solutions range may include AI
algorithms and/or more typical software

The solution will contain elements of
bespoke development, often alongside
delivery of our own modules.



The key elements of our service: 


Pioneering research

Medical technology, especially that enabled by AI, is rapidly evolving, and creating new opportunities in diagnosis support, procedure support and product verification. Most of the solutions we have developed for our clients support these new opportunities.

Medical images are often a key requirement of new medical technology solutions. We are committed to the advancement of automated medical image analysis, both in its adoption and breadth of application. Our scientists have published 200 scientific papers, primarily on image analysis. We incorporate this knowledge into our client solutions.

Quick-start modules & tools

Whether you are proving a concept, going through formal trials, or preparing to launch a certifiable product, considerable time and cost can be involved.

As well as using an experienced team with established processes, we accelerate delivery further through the application of existing artefacts.

One key area where we can help is the automation of identification of features within a scan (segmentation). Manual segmentation of scans adds significant cost to trials. It can also add operational costs as a preliminary step in the operation of diagnostic products. Our automated segmentation functions can significantly reduce this cost. We have developed several specific examples, and an established capability, to quickly deliver this function.

Other artefacts include toolkits and preparation of ground-truth data.

Regulatory compliance

If you are seeking to launch certified medical software, then having an accredited development partner is practically essential. Even where software is used only as part of the verification process, having such an accreditation provides evidence to regulators (and others) that there is a high-quality verification process.

We are accredited under ISO13485 and ISO/IEC 27001, addressing these requirements. Furthermore, we have obtained a class IIa certification for our brain lesion measurement solution. We understand, first-hand, the processes and documentation necessary to achieve certification, and build these into our projects.

Dovetailed engagement

For any project we can deliver as much, or as little, of your solution as you need. Whilst we prefer close and regular collaboration, the roles we undertake, and the levels of communication, can flex to fit your operating model.

Whilst we appreciate the serious nature and impact of our work, we nurture a happy, supportive atmosphere within our team, and with our clients.

Reliable delivery

Whilst all the features above are important, reliable delivery is key. Project planning is a greater challenge in medical software where the combination of novel applications of software, regulatory certification, and the complexity of the human body, can have huge impacts on project timescales.

We have been building medical imaging solutions for over 15 years, more recently including deep learning models (AI), and whilst we cannot foresee every eventuality, we have seen and addressed a number.