Graylight Imaging – a new brand of Future Processing Healthcare

At Future Processing Healthcare we have operated in the medical image analysis business for over 16 years. During this time, we have gained knowledge, specialized engineering expertise, and have worked with many medical centers to better and more precisely understand the needs of clinicians and other technology companies. The last two years have shown us that we are able to successfully implement truly complex topics. Let us just say, without any pretense of modesty, that we are proud of the technology we produce. But it also means that our previous brand – Future Processing Healthcare – no longer reflects what we do, what we aspire to, what our mission and vision are.

We have dedicated a lot of time in 2021 to the creation of a new image. It is with great pleasure that I would like to present Graylight Imaging and tell you a little about the idea behind this new brand.

Rebranding – keep your company current

Branding is a critical component of any business. As we began work on the new concept, we identified several critical factors that needed to be given representation. First, we wanted the brand to refer directly to our scope, a technology dedicated to medical imaging analysis. We also wanted it to tell a story – to be not just a fancy composition of designers, but to live a narrative – and a narrative about our passion and commitment to medical software. Finally – having been on the market for a good several years, we were satisfied with our visual identity. However, even we couldn’t deny that it’s already a bit worn out and a few updates wouldn’t hurt.

Graylight Imaging brand – tell us your story

The conceptual work took several months. Initially we conducted it internally – through a working group, surveys among all our employees. We confronted our idea with consultants and then with selected customers. Now, I would like to present it to you, dear reader – hoping that it will find your appreciation, or at least approval.

The name Graylight Imaging – the Future Processing Healthcare brand’s first story

Reflection on the human body and how to study and analyze it goes back thousands of years. Henry Gray’s anatomy of the human body, the first textbook on human anatomy, was certainly a milestone. The first edition was published in 1858 in Great Britain under the title Gray’s Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical Theory [1], and a year later in the United States. It has gone through multiple revised editions and the current edition, the 42nd (October 2020), remains a standard reference, often considered “the doctors’ bible.” It is to this item that the first association associated with Graylight Imaging refers.

logo Graylight Imaging

The second of the associations relates to the density of a tissue and the Hounsfield scale. This scale, used by radiologists as the basis for quantitative measurement of radio density in CT, represents the goal we tirelessly pursue – providing tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis of medical imaging studies.

Finally, the word “ray”, embedded into the name of our new brand, refers to the oldest modality – Xray.

The entire narrative behind Graylight Imaging is an invitation to our partners, customers, and team members to come together and explore medical imaging technology for medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, or medical devices.

Graylight Imaging logo – the brand’s second story

In the logo and signet design we focused on a strongly distinctive form of a graphic sign. In our opinion, this design gives wide possibilities of adaptation, both in terms of building the whole identification and in terms of iconography or infographics.

The concept of the signet is very simple, although believe me, coming to it was not that simple. Since in the new identity we wanted to emphasize our commitment to the field of medical imaging, this is where we focused our efforts. Operating under the Future Processing Healthcare brand, we couldn’t show the world and our customers what we really cared about to this extent.

Our signet is a combination of a graphic mark, symbolizing medical imaging. We based it on the depth of color that the color gray brings. It is superimposed with two squares, representing the contouring and segmentation of organs and lesions in a simplified way.

graylight imaging logo's story
New brand of Future Processing Healthcare, same mindset?

Although we are no longer promoting our components and services under the Future Processing Healthcare brand, we are not changing what characterizes our way of working together – partnership, commitment, passion, adaptability.

We invite you to explore our new brand Graylight Imaging and the website and discover the many ways you can innovate with us.