2020 – did it sink or soar for AI healthcare company?

AI healthcare company situation in 2020. Many events changed the course of history in 2020, but significant things also occurred in our team. On the human side, it was a tough year. The pandemic changed the rules of the world around us overnight. As an AI healthcare company, we switched to working remotely in a single day. And we have continued to WFH until today. Working from home, in isolation, is not an easy thing to do either from an individual’s or an organisation’s perspective.

We had to ask ourselves questions about who we are as a company, and what creates our organizational culture and bonds us as people. And what helps us to avoid atomization, is to remain a team. It seems that we have passed this test. Based on trust and understanding we have survived the most difficult moments. It’s turned out that teleconferences can also be casual chats. Online escape rooms are a great thing, and drawing games work better online than IRL?

As AI healthcare company we’re all about people

The people who make up Graylight Imaging, an AI healthcare company, have pulled it off. Despite many adversities, 2020 has been a good year for us. Our RnD girls – Marlena, Ewa, Patrycja and Sabina – decided to end 2020 with a charity campaign for one of the Social Welfare Homes in Gliwice. One call and all Graylight Imaging folks joined this fundraiser. Apart from purchasing loads of necessary cleaning and specialized hygiene products, the girls managed to prepare hand-made cards for elderly patients in the staggering number of over… 100!

Happy people from Graylight Imaging Rnd Team making christmas cards for CSR action dedicated to eldery

As one of the initiators, Marlena, sums up the whole action: “Mobilization to help and commitment is a spark of hope that illuminates the darkness of the constant lockdown and lifts my spirits. I am very glad that we can give our good to people who have less opportunity to experience it on a daily basis.”

At the same time, we have grown as a team. 13 new people have joined in various parts of our organization. We are starting 2021 already with a team of 58 people! We hope to finally be able to meet everyone face to face. In March it will have been a year since this was no longer possible through covid-19.

4 pictures from everyday, remote work in AI healthcare company , people in front of a computer, person working with a dog on a lap, call screen

In November, as we do every year, we underwent a large, company-wide employee effectiveness survey. The survey was conducted for us by an external company. Even apart from the turnout – which was 93% – the result surpassed the wildest expectations of HR specialists. We recorded the best result in the entire history of the company.

Medical software development, what was it like?

However, this is not the end of the records. In August we conducted an NPS survey among our clients for whom we do medical software development. It is common knowledge that an average NPS score is 43. It is generally a good result. Our customers gave us a total score of 88, which lashes us in the top quartile. We are super proud that our efforts as AI healthcare company are recognized by them.

AI healthcare company – certification

Even before the wave of the pandemic spread around the world, we finalized the certification of our AI product. The product is dedicated to assisting doctors in the process of glioma diagnosis – Sens.AI (link). Marek wrote about our clinical evaluation some time ago (link). You may find the topic interesting. Additionally, our new R&D project received positive approval by the National Center for Research and Development, allowing us to launch it at the very end of 2020. We will be working on more issues related to medical imaging, this time on cardio research. As with Sens.AI, we hope to assist doctors in diagnosing atherosclerosis.

4 pictures from 2020 - people shaking hands, doctor using application developed by AI healthcare company, person typing on a laptop, person anylyzing medical images
R&D in AI healthcare company

Cardiovascular diseases are undoubtedly the main killer causing the number of deaths comparable to all cancers in total. How many of them could be avoided by early and precise diagnosis? In conclusion, medical software development in GLI as an AI healthcare company is something by which we can make our mark.

In addition to our R&D endeavours, we launched 3 R&D projects for our clients in 2020. We are fortunate to be working on super-ambitious solutions that make a difference in the world.

All in all it has not been a bad year, honestly not bad at all…

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