Software as a Medical Device

Do you need Software as a Medical
Device capable of processing large
amounts of differential data from
medical images and more?

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Why us

  • Our QMS complies with ISO 13485, as shown by the Certificate for the Management System in accordance with ISO 13485:2016.
  • During the project we create documentation in accordance with medical standards wich will support and accelerate the certification process of your solution in the future.
  • We have worked out the software development lifecycle.
  • Knowing the ISO 14971 standard and being able to develop healthcare software solutions that abide by the IEC 62304 standard.
  • Our process of Software as a Medical Device development has been adjusted to ISO/IEC 27001 because we know data security’s importance in the medical device industry.
  • We have experience in creating software that complies with CE and FDA.

Software development lifecycle

  • Pre-project phase – this is the phase where idea for the project is born. General user requirements are gathered.
  • Proof of concept phase – proving that the concept is viable and it will be possible to build the product around the idea. It includes determining scientific methods, developing initial solution, etc.
  • Project summary phase – making sure that all activities are completed and finalized, any approvals are obtained etc.
  • Feasibility phase – this phase allows for determination whether project is likely to be feasible from technical perspective.
  • Development phase – this is the main product development phase when it comes to software. We make use of Agile methodologies and practices to ensure effective software development.
  • Maintenance – our support after the end of the project.

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Risk management in medical devices, especially in software as a medical device.

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