MRI/CT segmentation development

Do you need support in automatic segmentation solutions development?


We will help you develop semi-automatic and automatic segmentation algorithms tailored to your needs.

We believe that artificial intelligence is the future of accurate and fast medical image processing.


Why automatic segmentation development

  • Advanced and accurate machine learning algorithms can be embedded into existing solutions supporting or completely automating the process of manual segmentation.
  • Innovative machine learning algorithms, thanks to which segmentation is: accurate, fast with repeatable results.
  • Efficient algorithms which enable perform semi-automated and fully automated segmentation of internal organs and tumors.
  • Organ contouring – algorithms automatically outline organs and structures within organs.
  • Automatic calculation of RECIST and RANO – measurements based on the standards, such as RECIST and RANO, are an examples of the metrics we may provide with segmentation.
  • Models automatically segment three tumor subregions (edema, enhancing tumor and necrosis) and provide volume  measurements.
  • Algorithms that automatically segment the tree of the coronary arteries on computed tomography images.
  • Algorithms which segment organs on different types of examinations (MRI, CT).

Automated RANO and RECIST

We do not focus solely on automatic segmentations in the solutions delivered by us. They are frequently just a means to an end, i.e. the quantitative analyses of detected and outlined lesions and tumours. Examples of parameters we may deliver with the segmentation is the calculation of their volume and measurements based on the popular standards, i.e. RECIST and RANO.

Advantages of the automatic RECIST and RANO calculation:

  • less time spent by the doctor describing the examination
  • repeatability and objectivity of results
  • integration with the segmentation algorithm, as all takes place in one step
  • higher measurement precision

Examples of our segmentations

Selected works


Brain lesions


Vascular diseases

  • Identifying vessels from CT images in 2D
  • Build 3D model from 2D slices
  • Blending voxels for smoothing and resolution enhancement
  • 3D high contrast visualization with 360o panning


Fluid flow simulation

  • We compute flow in reconstructed vessels for estimation of plaque significance
  • We can simulate patient specific physiological condition and perform simulation

3D modelling toolkit

  • Generating 3D models from multiple scans
  • 3D Mesh modeling and analysis
  • Development of dedicated 3D viewer

Why us

  • Our company has a proven history of developing medical imaging applications for our clients.
  • We create custom healthcare software that increases speed, accuracy and reliability through the analysis of medical images.
  • Our experience in creating software as a medical device is based on multiple projects in which we worked on patient images of different conditions both in CT and MRI.
  • We are able to prepare proof of concept projects based on limited ground truth data.
  • We believe that automated and semi-automated medical image segmentation plays an important role in medical image processing.
  • We have developed a full pipeline for ML-based data processing thanks to which we are able to prepare custom solutions for our partners faster and more efficiently.

Proven compliance with medical standards

The neural networks we have created are already successfully implemented in certified medical products for clinical applications.

Over 15 years of practice, working in close cooperation with experts and medical software companies, research institutions and clinics worldwide, we have gained experience in a number of quality standards:

  • Our internal QMS meets the ISO 13485 standard.
  • We have successfully completed many medical projects compliant with ISO 13485 requirements.
  • We have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to build medical solutions based on ISO 14971 and IEC 62304 criteria.
  • In accordance with the FDA and CE standards, we will provide both the software and the technical documentation.

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