Development of medical imaging software solutions for our clients

We deliver custom breakthrough medical imaging software which extracts value from medical images, including:

employing deep learning AI models alongside other state-of-the-art technology.

Case studies

How we work with clients

  • We have been undertaking remote work for clients for over 20 years and have refined ways of working that provide clarity, transparency, and opportunities for both parties to contribute to project success.
  • We believe that building personal relationships is a key to this success. These range from formal governance meetings, through to ad hoc discussions about project details.
  • We make extensive use of technology to encourage frequent communication, through various instant messaging, videoconferencing, and shared project communication tools.
  • We enjoy meeting our clients face to face, whether at your offices or ours, and look forward to a time when we can all feel comfortable in doing this again.

We create certification-ready solutions to help organisations launch their own medical devices, treatments or software, rather than directly to the medical profession.

We strive for delivery and technical excellence, but also highly value the human relationships we develop with clients, partners, and colleagues.

We believe in the power of technology to transform society for the better and have chosen to work in the medical area where it can have a great impact. We are passionate about harnessing new science and technology to do this.

Medical imaging software to meet all needs


Where medical imaging is part of your plans, either as part of solutions for your clients, or to help with proving the efficacy of your interventions, we can help.


    Clients about us 

    “They are very good for medical devices.

     They follow best standards.”


    • For companies addressing a particular medical need, we tend to provide most of the solution, including support for the documentation requirements of the certification process.
    • For companies offering a wide range of medical imaging solutions, we tend to provide state of the art machine learning solutions in specific areas to complement their existing solutions.
    • For pharmaceutical companies we provide solutions to help demonstrate the efficacy of interventions as efficiently as possible.
    • For all organisations at the feasibility stage, to develop and test the efficacy of algorithms.

    We work with client organisations across Europe and North America.

    Quality Management System

    • We are a company that has been developing medical imaging software for over 15 years. Therefore, we understand how important it is in the medical industry to create software that complies with standards of efficiency, quality and safety.
    • Our experts have gained knowledge and experience that allows us to create medical solutions that meet the requirements of demanding medical standards. Thus, we work in accordance with our own internal Quality Management System.
    • We create that meets ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and IEC 62304 standards. We will develop not only the solution but also the technical documentation in accordance with CE and FDA requirements.

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