Prof. Marcin Kostur

Head of Science & Technology

Key responsibilities

As Head of research, to co-ordinate the work of our scientists, and create designs for R&D projects.

As CTO, responsible for identifying trends in the technology being used in medical imaging software.

To work with clients on high level solution designs.


Marcin’s entire career has been spent in the advancement of computer science in its application to physical questions. Specific examples include modelling transport in biosystems; diffusion processes; stochastic dynamics; computational fluid dynamics, and high-performance parallel computing. In the medical imaging area, this includes the simulation of blood flow in coronary arteries.

He has held a number of academic positions, including head of Computer Methods in Physics and Electronics, and worked at universities in England, Germany, the USA and South Africa.

He has won many awards including the Center for Nanoscience in Munich and the Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.